Hotel Transylvania “nothing like Pixar or Disney”

Animation 'Hotel Transylvania' - already a smash hit in the US - sees Adam Sandler's Dracula run a hotel for moviedom's most famous monsters, from The Invisible Man, Quasimodo to Frankenstein. Hilarity, naturally enough, ensues.

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Perhaps the film did so well because director Genndy Tartakovsky, who cut his teeth on the 'Star Wars: Clone Wars' animated series, moved the opposite direction from Disney and Pixar flicks.

He told Yahoo! Movies: "Originally it started more like that. [But] with Adam Sandler (as Dracula) involved and the rest of the cast, we needed to make it more like a Mel Brooks film."

Part of this approach was the frenetric animation style - "all caricature and funny movements... I didn't want people to move like humans!"

Appropriatley, his team's favourite monster to bring to life was The Mummy.

"Everyone loved The Mummy, he's the one who moved like crazy and had no rules. At one point we made him into a ball. He could roll and pop out and become a sandstorm."

'Hotel Transylvania' is released 12 October.