Jean-Claude Van Damme reveals Steven Seagal feud

Edward Bovingdon

During his promotional tour for his new movie 'The Expendables 2', action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme told Yahoo! Movies about his feud with Steven Seagal.

Watch the full interview below:

Whilst naming possible additions to the Expendables team, Steven Seagal's name quite rightly came up, but Van Damme revealed that it might not be such a good idea.
Van Damme starts off claiming that he'd love to see Steven Seagal in the next movie, but things immediately turn catty with the eccentric star claiming "he should lose some weight!"

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He went on to explain that the pair had met on a number of occasions but they didn't get on (we wonder why?). Van Damme's explanation for the rift was simple, he told us it was "Because I'm good."

With a slightly unconvincing tone he went on to say: "I like him a lot. He's a good guy. He's got good charisma, something special on the screen. I would love to see him there."

We believe you, Jean-Claude.