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Kevin James: I honed comedy skills as a bouncer

Funny man Kevin James chatted to us about his time working as a bouncer before he became a Hollywood star.

His new film 'Here Comes The Boom' sees him take up professional fighting to save a school's extracurricular classes, so we asked him whether he'd ever been in an actual fight.

Here comes the loon... Kevin James (Copyright: WENN)

The comedy actor claimed never to have been in a one-on-one scrap but had been know to get into brawls while working as a doorman.

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"I used to bounce in a club that was crazy," he revealed. "There would be fights there and I'd get in the middle of them, but I would really try not to fight with people.

James went on to explain that he was forced to improve his comedy chops to defuse dangerous situations.

"That's where comedy can come in and be very useful. Like comedy aikido. You use their energy against them with comedy."

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'Here Comes The Boom' is in cinemas now.

Watch the trailer below: