Kevin Smith: ‘Let George Lucas meddle with Star Wars’

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Five minutes is not really enough time to interview Kevin Smith. The 'Dogma' director is famously talkative, as the millions who tune into his podcast (annoyingly called the SModcast) will testify, and as a result we managed only a couple of questions before we were hastily moved on by a studio goon.

Thankfully we got him going on two fascinating topics. The first related to his new film 'Red State'. A rather terrifying horror that's nothing like his previous films, it sees a group of horny teens captured and terrorised by a nutty Christian cult.

Many reckon they seem a lot like the Westboro Baptist Church (of 'God hates fags' infamy) and we asked Smith how he stopped these famously litigious group from suing him.

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Secondly, Y! Movie just happened to catch Smith when the new 'Star Wars' Blu-ray was released. Many fans were up in arms about George Lucas' latest batch of changes but surprisingly Smith - on record as a die-hard 'Star Wars' obsessive - was not one of 'em.

He said: "I can't get upset about it… If Shakespeare had the opportunity to go back and tweak his stuff then he probably would have.

"Lucas is just very public and very shameless about it. He just thinks: 'It's my movie, I wanna make it perfect'. It's kind of nice that — seemingly - he'll keep doing it until the day he drops."

Watch the chat below:

Red State is released on September 30.

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