Kristen Stewart’s message for grieving Twilight fans: ‘Buy the DVD’

Orlando Parfitt
Movies Blog

Even when faced with the prospect of millions of 'Twilight' fans, devastated by the end of the series, star Kristen Stewart was resolutely on message.

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We asked her to console fans suffering from 'Twilight' withdrawal symptoms (not a real medical condition), so she said: "I'm sure there's a nice DVD set coming out pretty soon."

See her heartfelt message below.

She added: "Don't let it go. Something this fundamental, you don't grow out of it. It's not going anyway. Don't be sad. Don't shed a tear."

We hope that's cheered you up, 'Twilight' fans.

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2' is released in the UK on 16 November.