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Lego to release Back To The Future set

Great Scott! Lego has revealed a new set based on 'Back To The Future'.

The set was devised through the Lego Cuusoo website, where fans send in their designs for a new Lego kits.

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Back to the future... to be made in Lego (Copyright: Lego)

If 10,000 people endorse their idea, the design then goes to the Lego review board, who then have the power to put the set into production.

And now the 'Back To The Future' set, complete with Doc and Marty figures and a Delorean, has been approved.

“After analyzing the supporters of the Back to the Future project, we learned that this product has a broad, worldwide appeal,” reads the Lego Cuusoo blog.

“The model presented in this project is built very closely to the LEGO Group’s design standards and has therefore provided a strong base to design the final product. It has a high play value and it fits well with supporters’ price expectations.

“For these reasons, the Back to the Future project has passed the LEGO Review, and has been selected for production as the next LEGO CUUSOO set. The final product, pricing, and release dates are still being determined.”

Those who get their designs approved receive a 1% royalty from the sales, which can be a sizeable figure worldwide.

The team, which is led by Mashahi Togami, has said that they will give their 1% to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.