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New Lone Ranger trailer arrives at the Super Bowl

While the last trailer for Gore Verbinski's 'Lone Ranger' reboot seemed to focus more on the film's off-beat dustbowl humour, this latest clip – beamed across the globe during yesterday's Super Bowl – goes a bit more gritty.

Watch it below.

The stunt set pieces come thick and fast, as the masked avenger (the chiseled Armie Hammer) and his Native American partner Tonto (Johnny Depp) barely escape explosions and show flagrant disregard for rail safety.

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There's also a 'Dark Knight-esque' narration from Brit actor Tom Wilkinson, who play's the film's villain Latham Cole.

But while the action is grimy, and the messages of justice sincere, Depp predictably manages to get one gag in right at the end.

It's due out in the UK on August 9, and also stars Helen Bonham Carter, 'Prison Break's William Fichtner and Barry Pepper.