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Monsters University website launches

A fully interactive website for 'Monsters University' has launched.

The site, to be found here, features extensive details of its various departments, including the School of Scaring, and the School of Liberal Arts and Monstrosities.

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Monsters Uni... creeping on campus (Copyright: Pixar)

It's also stuffed full of details about admissions, teaching staff, testimonials from students and MU events, including a forthcoming screening of 'Screaming in the Rain'.

There's even a MU store, where collegiate attire can be purchased, from hoodies (one boasting four arm holes) to hats, pennants and mugs.

It marks the beginning of the marketing build-up for the sequel, which is due out on June 21 next year.

Dan Scanlon is directing, the man behind 'Cars', while the voice cast from the first film will all be returning including John Goodman as Sully, Billy Crystal as Mike, Steve Buscemi as Randall and Jennifer Tilly as Celia.

The precise plot is currently under wraps, but it will revolve around the meeting of Sully and Mike, and how though they initially hated each other grew to be friends.