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What’s the next Twilight?

It's twilight for the 'Twilight' films, we're afraid. We know, we know, it's sad. The fifth and final chapter of the fantasy saga, 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2', has just come out and it marks the end of a neck-biting era for fans of the film franchise across the globe.

The movie series, based on the phenomenally successful books of American author Stephenie Meyer, has been an absolute sensation, grossing nearly £1.5 billion worldwide to date.

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Hollywood bean counters are keen to replicate that huge haul, with several movies aimed at the same audience in production. Which, if any, could be 'The Next Twilight?'

The host with the most... Stephanie Meyers' newest film adaptation

Stephenie Meyers' newest film adaptation 'The Host' might well carry on where 'Twilight' left off. Starring Saoirse Ronan, it's about aliens that take over human thoughts. It's potentially franchise material, but parasitic aliens that crawl into people's brains aren't quite as sexy as vampires, are they?

So, with hot vampires and werewolves ticked off, how about hunky zombies? Another not-too-dissimilar future effort is the upcoming rom-zom-com (that's 'romantic zombie comedy' for anyone not up on the latest genre abbreviations) 'Warm Bodies'. This new movie stars 'Skins' alumnus Nicholas Hoult as a zombie who unexpectedly develops a conscious after eating a fella's brains. He decides to protect his victim's girlfriend, and the duo develop an odd relationship. It has many 'Twilight'-y ingredients: teenagers, romance and murderous supernatural monsters. Check out the new trailer below.

One film that's already been dubbed 'The Next Twilight' is of course 'The Hunger Games'. The first film was a smash both critically and commercially, making almost ten times its budget at the box office, and sequels 'Catching Fire' and 'Mockingjay' (split into two parts) are in the works. Like 'Twilight', 'Hunger Games' has a strong female lead - in Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss - and a love triangle. Unlike 'Twilight', it has kids slicing each other up with swords.

Another teen fiction book series that's caught the eyes of Hollywood is Cassandra Clare's 'The Mortal Instruments'. Set in the present day, it centres around a secret society of demon slayers and features its own feisty teenage girl lead character, 15-year-old 'Shadow Hunter' Clary Fray (played by 'Mirror, Mirror's Lily Collins). There are five books in the series so far so if the first flick, 'City of Bones', goes well, we've got another series on our hands that could run and run (and run).

The new 'Twilight'?... Lily Collins in 'Mortal Instruments'

There's also a movie remake of original teen vampire series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' in the works, though you may have to wait a while for it. The project has been confirmed and will be going ahead without its original creator, Joss Whedon. But casting and writing delays mean that it's nowhere near being filmed yet...

Finally, some respected industry types reckon we haven't actually seen the last of 'Twilight' after all. Summit Entertainment, who produced the series, gave a decidedly non-committal statement to industry blog Deadline after rumours of a 'Twilight' reboot began to surface earlier this year, saying: "We are not remaking 'Twilight'. We will happily support Stephanie Meyer if she decides to proceed in any way. But this will be the last one unless that should change."

Meyer has said in interviews that she wouldn't be averse to a reboot, so watch this space…