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Nolan: Filming Batman vs. Bane fight was frightening

In this exclusive clip from 'The Dark Knight Rises' Blu-ray and DVD (in shops now) we get a breakdown of the "intimidating" sewer clash between Bane and the Bat.

As part of the extra features available on 'The Dark Knight Rises' DVD, director Christopher Nolan gives an insight into the staging of the vicious sewer scene.

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"It's pretty remarkable to see how well they were able to perform that together," says Nolan, "It was frighteningly real, very physical. Quite intimidating really to see these iconic characters really go out."

We also hear from Bane actors Christian Bale and Tom Hardy, who performed the fight themselves, about the challenges of filming a fight scene where it got a little too real.

"When you're hitting someone in a Bat suit, its rubber and plastic, and it hurts your fists" says Hardy about battling Bale.

"The suits are heavy to wear. Fighting in them is tiring… but it looks really good."

'The Dark Knight Rises' is available now on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital download. Get your copy here.