Patrick Stewart in Twitter row over his cable

It's most heartening to learn that even movies stars have trouble with customer services.

Patrick Stewart got so tired of his cable provider, he told them on Twitter that their service had made him 'lose the will to live'.

The 'X-Men' and 'Star Trek' actor was trying to set up an account with Time Warner in his new home in Brooklyn's Park Slope.

But it appears that things didn't quite go to plan, after which he tweeted his frustration at the company.

"All I wanted to do was set up a new account with @TWCable_NYC, but 36hrs later, I've lost the will to live," he wrote.

The company quickly got back to him, but the actor gave them short shrift, explaining that their offer of help had come a little too late.

LeVar Burton, who appeared alongside Stewart in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', also joined the row, tweeting in agreement : "Been there."

So have we, LeVar...

A representative for Time Warner told the New York Post: "There's no doubt we have a lot of fans at the company, of the actor, and Star Trek in general."

"But the truth is, any customer that reaches out to us… we're going to offer them help the exact same way."

It's not yet known whether Stewart's account is online...