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New pics emerge of Nicolas Cage as Superman

New pictures have emerged online of Nicolas Cage as Superman, snapped from the development of Tim Burton's ill-fated take on the man of steel.

The shots, which show Cage in a rippled muscle suit, were tweeted by the DCU (that's DC Universe) Movie Page, and though the origins of the pictures is not stated, they are the latest to emerge since director and producer Jon Schnepp launched a 'Kickstarter' campaign online to get a documentary about Burton's movie made.

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Cage... ripped in muscle suit as Superman (Copyright: DCU Movie Page)

Another more lo-fi image has also been unleashed, feature Cage with flowing locks and a somewhat ill-fitting Superman outfit.

Riiiiight... Cage less convincing as the Man of Steel (Copyright: IGN)

Schnepp wants to bring the story of Burton's take on Superman, which was to be called 'Superman Lives' and has been dubbed 'the weirdest Superman film never made', to the screen, in all its peculiar glory.

'Clerks' and 'Dogma' director Kevin Smith wrote a script for the film in the mid-90s, featuring a wealth of other comic book characters – including The Eradicator, Braniac and Lex Luthor – and included Superman fighting a giant spider at the film's climax.

Among the stars Smith had eyed for roles were Jack Nicholson as Luthor and pal Ben Affleck originally planned as Superman.

Tim Burton signed on to direct for Warner Bros, and the the production was fast-tracked, with a release date even set for the summer of 1998, which would have been the 60th anniversary of Superman's first appearance in Action Comics.

Cage, a massive Superman fan who named his son Kal-El (Superman's birth name) in 2005, then signed up to play the Man of Steel, but after a disastrous pre-production period involving script re-writes and budget cuts, Burton left to direct 'Sleepy Hollow' and Cage dropped out in 2000.

Funding for the documentary is being sought on the Kickstarter website, and is already halfway to its goal of $98,000.