How Resident Evil director copes with bad reviews

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The 'Resident Evil' franchise has made almost $1 billion (£616 million) at the worldwide box office with droves of fan boys filling up cinemas around the globe.

The series (now on its fifth iteration) hasn't done so well the critics, mind, with every film getting almost universally panned by discerning reviewers.

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We asked the director of the movies, Paul W.S. Anderson, how he copes with the negative press his films receive.

See what he says in the video below:

In a separate interview he confirmed his view that it's more about what the fans think than the press, saying: "when the audience are on their chairs cheering, that's my job done!"

'Resident Evil' star (and Anderson's wife) Milla Jovovich chipped in to explain that if you put the people that criticise the films in one room and ask them to do better, they'd end up killing each other.

In between flirting with Yahoo! Movies and telling us that she loves British guys (because we're smart) she jokingly mocks "the haters" of the franchise. And after five films, you can rather see her point.

The latest 'Resident Evil' film 'Resident Evil: Retribution" is in cinemas from 28 September.