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Spider-Man concept art for Raimi’s version of The Lizard

Last year’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ wasn’t perfect, but the one thing that had Spidey-fans all caught up (other than too-good-looking-to-be-Peter-Parker Andrew Garfield), was director Marc Webb’s choice of villain: Dr Curt Connors, aka, The Lizard.

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But, as it turns out, Sam Raimi toyed with The Lizard too for his Tobey Maguire staring web-slinging series. And now, thanks to, we can see what Raimi’s reptile might have looked like.
Raimi's reptile.... What The Lizard might have looked like (Credit: Constantine Sekeris)

Scary... Sekeris' sketches (Credit: Constantine Sekeris)The creepy images were designed by concept artist Constantine Sekeris for ‘Spider-Man 2’in 2004, when Raimi obviously toyed with the idea of Spidey facing off against The Lizard, played by Dylan Baker.

Baker did appear as villain-to-be Connors in the film, but his transformation was evidently deferred until a later movie. His incarnation ultimately never happened when Raimi quit the franchise while prepping the aborted ‘Part 4’, and studio Sony went down the reboot road instead.

Is this design scarier than the Rhys Ifans version?