How can Taylor Kitsch can save his career?

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Hollywood newcomer Taylor Kitsch must have hoped for big things this year. As the lead man in not one, but two blockbuster movies, ('John Carter' and 'Battleship') he was set to become Hollywood's next megastar.

Sadly things didn't work out that way.  Disney lost a whopping £126 million on 'John Carter' and then to make matters worse, his follow-up, 'Battleship', was sunk at the hands of the mighty 'Marvel Avengers Assemble'. Two huge flops in the space of a couple of months, and millions of dollars down the drain.

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Kitsch is back for a third crack this week with so-so Oliver Stone drama 'Savages', but is it already too late to save his career? His our advice for the young star.

Tip 1: Star in an ensemble film

Step one is already in motion with the 31-year-old (really?) part of the cast of 'Savages' (which is released this weekend). Starring in an ensemble is a great way to disassociate yourself from previous movies, get on-screen with some fading Hollywood legends (John Travolta co-stars) and lets you shift the blame if it all goes tits up. Just what the PR guru ordered. The main reason Kitsch suffered so heavily after his blockbuster flops was that he was front and centre of both movies. After it went catastrophically wrong, all the flack was aimed squarely at his chiselled jaw.

'Savages' was the perfect choice too. With a tiny budget of just £28 million it literally can't be a mega-flop. In fact, it's already in profit thanks to a decent run in the States. Phew!

Tip 2: Go for the female audience

Clearly a good-looking bloke, Kitsch needs to muscle in on the lucrative female pound.

'Twilight', 'Dear John' and 'The Vow' have proved that chick-flicks still have a place in cinemas and Taylor Kitsch would make a perfect addition to an already booming genre. Snatching a part in the final two thirds of 'The Hunger Games' would be a good shout, or better yet, bagging himself a role in the '50 Shades Of Grey' movie would propel him back to the A-list, albeit clothed entirely in bondage gear.

If all else fails, it's time to get your rom-com on, Kitsch.

Tip 3: Take a Gambit, not a gamble

Playing one of the most popular comic book stars in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' was a pretty shrewd move from the movie star. The Gambit role could be his saving grace if he ever gets the chance to recreate the character. Nabbing another cameo in the upcoming 'The Wolverine' movie would boost his chances of a hugely anticipated spin-off for the superhero.

It would also offer  the chance to star opposite one of Hollywood's most bankable stars (Hugh Jackman/Wolverine) thus giving him a sure-fire hit — something he so desperately needs.

He'll need to sort this one out pronto as the movie has already started shooting. Chop chop!

Tip 4: Get a famous girlfriend

Kitsch needs a girlfriend. Fact. It's all well and good living the bachelor life, but he needs to think of the column inches because, like in everything else, those inches matter. Having successfully marketed himself to the XX chromosome in tip number two, he needs to turn into a heartbreaker and shack up with a celeb. Cue instant media attention, buzz and, most importantly, actual interest.

All he needs to do now is pull out a couple of PDAs and sport a ring on his wedding finger and 'Kitsch-ing'! Marriage rumours ahoy! Single ladies Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Charlize Theron would all be good targets and he could always do an Ashton and hook-up with Demi Moore or Cameron Diaz.

Tip 5: Break-up with his famous girlfriend

AKA 'Project George Clooney', the hook-up and subsequent break-up is a three-fold success strategy. His female fan base will rejoice now that he's back on the market, coo over his 'difficult interviews' and pitch up to the cinema in droves to show their support. Win. Win. Win. The press attention would sky rocket so much that stocks in undercover sunglasses and scarves will hit Apple heights.

Then all he needs to do is...

Tip 6: Initiate Shia LaBeouf 6 step plan

Grow a beard, wear a cardigan and get naked. There are just three stages from Shia's ingenious plan. Read the full guide here.