The Hobbit reveals special edition 3D glasses

Ben Skipper
Movie Editor's Blog

Not content with stretching 'The Hobbit' to a third film, Peter Jackson and co have revealed that the first of the trilogy will have its own specially-designed 3D glasses.

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They hardly leap out and grab you with their stunning design, nor do they obviously resemble anything 'Lord Of The Rings'-related, but it's a nice little extra for anyone willing to fork out the extra dosh for the third dimension.

Jackson took to his Facebook page to announce that "two films will become three", leading to much speculation about how he'll be able to achieve the unprecedented feat. Two potential titles were also revealed in recently registered domain names.

If you ask us 'Avengers Assemble' had much better special edition glasses...

The first part of the Hobbit trilogy, 'An Unexpected Journey', will be released on 14 December 2012.