Tim Burton ‘completely normal’ says cast

Every Tim Burton project is described as 'dark', 'quirky' and 'oddball', but the man himself is boringly conventional, according to the cast of his latest film 'Dark Shadows'.

Michelle Pfeiffer, who starred as Catwoman in Tim Burton's 'Batman Returns' back in 1992 claimed that "the most surprising thing about him is how normal he is".

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"He is completely accessible and normal and, in fact, what I love most about him as a director is how clear he is."

Bella Heathcote and Evan Green who star as love rivals Victoria Winters and Angelique Bouchard in 'Dark Shadows', reveal that Burton is in fact "very normal".

Eva Green went on to say that "maybe you can call him eccentric, but he's a very beautiful man. It's more his physicality — he's very visual".

Bella Heathcote agreed explaining that "he'll start talking and finish the sentence with his hand".

See for yourself how quirky Burton is in our exclusive interview above.