Tom Hardy reveals Come Dine With Me inspiration

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With rugged good looks and acting chops, Tom Hardy ('The Dark Knight Rises', 'Inception') is currently Hollywood's go-to-Brit.

But where does he get the inspiration to play Batman's villain Bane? Or his new role as a mumbling alcohol bootlegger in the upcoming 'Lawless'?

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You'd assume he reads endless amounts of old Batman comics and fan forums. Maybe he even travels to the American country for a spot of method acting.

Nope, he sits on his sofa watching Channel 4's reality cooking show, 'Come Dine With Me'.

"I really do like 'Come Dine With Me'," Hardy told Total Film.

"It's great people-watching. I'll steal characters from 'Come Dine With Me'. Because they're real people. I take something from everybody. "

Wannabe actors take note…

Watch Tom Hardy in action in his new film 'Lawless'.