Total Recall: Colin Farrell ‘surprised to get any work’

Colin Farrell has shunned big budget Hollywood blockbusters in recent years, and admitted to Yahoo! Movies that he was shocked to get the call for 'Total Recall'.

"I'm always surprised to get any gig to be honest with you. I'm not saying that with any false modesty, I'm honestly excited to get any offer, even if I turn it down.

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"I haven't done anything this big in six or seven years and it's a bit terrifying. But you're still doing the same thing on set, just with more bells and whistles."

Watch our Colin below...

Director Len Wiseman said he cast the star, who starred in 'Horrible Bosses' and 'The Way Back' in recent times, because it would surprise fans.

"I remember [folks said] Kate Beckinsale was a 'risky' choice for 'Underworld'. I love that people said 'wow, what will [Colin] do with sci-fi?'"

It's probably because he's not exactly the spitting image of Arnold Schwarzenegger - who starred in the original 'Total Recall'.

Co-star Kate Beckinsale told us "Colin isn't the 'muscles from Brussels'. You buy that he's a factory worker. You don't think 'he should be modeling'."

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