Worst movie death scene ever goes viral

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There have been many great movie deaths... many. Think Sean Connery's impossibly dramatic 'hail of bullets' check-out in 'The Untouchables'.

But this one is currently going viral as the 'worst movie death ever'.

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Here it is in all it's 'glory'. WARNING: Fairly graphic content.

Taken from the 1974 Turkish movie 'Kareteci Kiz' — or 'Karate Girl' — it shows a man in a polo neck taking his demise rather badly.

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The film follows the various tribulations of Zeynep, the titular Karate Girl, who after the murder of her father, and then later her new husband — this girl has horrible luck — decides to embark on a murderous rampage of revenge.

Sadly, it has since emerged that the pained screams of the man Zeynep shoots were added later, and did not feature in the original film.

Still, you can't argue with the acting...