Bluey Dropped An Adorable Trailer For Its First Super-Sized Ep, And It Looks Like A Major Celebration Is On The Way

 Bluey and Bingo running through the halls.
Bluey and Bingo running through the halls.

Bluey has some game-changing episodes on the way, and the trailer for the super-sized installment, which is coming in April, is now here. With that, we have some context on what's in store. It seems the creative team behind the Disney Junior series had a good reason for making this the show's longest adventure. That's because the Heeler family looks to be participating in some major celebration. Bluey, Bingo, and her cousins are seemingly going to a wedding, and there's a lot of fun in the short and sweet trailer that's above.

There's no official synopsis for "The Sign," but from what little we see in this trailer, it appears Chilli will be driving Bluey, Bingo, Muffin and Socks to the aforementioned ceremony. Based on the headdresses worn by the group, it's possible they'll all be flower girls at the event, which could suggest that a family member is tying the knot. Another scene that supports this could be that Bandit and his brother, Stripe, are seated together at what could be a table for groomsmen. On a side note, there's also a dance scene, which just screams "this is a wedding episode."

I won't even begin to guess who's jumping the broom, but I am excited about the idea of a wedding being at the center of this super-sized episode of Bluey. I feel like, in real life, such an occasion is one of the first truly big events that children get to attend in their youth and, speaking from personal experience, many of the weddings I attended as a kid were a blast.

I can't say for certain whether this episode will spur themed weddings based on the popular TV series compared to how there are now hardware stores modeled after the show. Though I'd be delighted if that were the case.

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Bluey The Pool episode
Bluey The Pool episode

Bluey can help parents. 

Other quick scenes show Bluey and Bingo running through their house, which is one fictional location to be featured in the upcoming theme park based on the Australian show. There's also a scene in the schoolroom and, with those snippets alone, I can't for the life of me figure out what the meaning behind the title "The Sign" is. Does a sign nearly prevent Chilli from making it to the wedding on time? Are the young girls going to hold a sign at a wedding? Is this a sign to renew our Disney+ subscription? (Just kidding on that last one.) It's just too hard to tell right now.

For parents who aren't on board yet, Bluey is excellent for anyone sick and tired of watching Cocomelon videos on repeat. There's a reason this Aussie cartoon has made such a splash with audiences in the United States, to the point that the voice actors are traveling to comic conventions. Heck, even Daredevil actor Charlie Cox cosplayed as the titular character at an event. I'm not sure if Cox will be tuning in for these latest episodes, but best believe I'm curious about what's to come.

Bluey's super-sized episode will air on Disney Junior and Disney+ on Sunday, April 14th as part of the 2024 TV schedule.  Tune in for that and another new episode of this wonderful show.