Bobby Davro reunites with Brian Conley after health scare

Bobby Davro has received support from his showbiz pals credit:Bang Showbiz
Bobby Davro has received support from his showbiz pals credit:Bang Showbiz

Bobby Davro has reconciled his differences with Brian Conley after suffering a stroke.

The 65-year-old actor has reconnected with a number of his showbiz pals, including Brian, after he suffered a health scare following a gig at Coulsdon Comedy Club in south London in January.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Bobby shared: "It was a wake-up call, a warning, really, because my blood pressure was through the roof.

"I never had myself down for a stroke; heart attack or erectile dysfunction, perhaps, but never a stroke because I always felt quite healthy.

"But what really got me through was all the love.

"It’s really put life into perspective because one of the best things to come of it has been hearing from people who haven’t been in touch.

"It makes you realise they do care."

Bobby was particularly shocked to receive a phone call from Brian, because the comedy duo fell out "a long time ago".

He explained: "Brian Conley and I were best buddies for many years but we had a bit of a falling out a long time ago.

"It was over professional differences but it was quite painful at the time.

"It’s been 15 years since we were both doing a TV show together, for 'Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway', so when he rang to ask how I was it was really touching.

"We all have our battles but hearing from him was a real tonic getting through this.

"Life is all about forgiveness."

Bobby also received support from some of his other showbiz pals.

He said: "Bradley Walsh also called me up to wish me well. I think he was on a yacht somewhere in the Seychelles and there I was in hospital in Epsom.

"My dearest Les Dennis also came and stayed over for a night and I cooked up steaks. I’m so blessed. That did me the world of good."