Boiling Point splits opinion as viewers complain they 'can't hear' kitchen drama

The acclaimed film's TV series follow-up was loved by some, while others complained they couldn't hear what was happening.

Boiling Point,01-10-2023,Carly (VINETTE ROBINSON),Ascendant Fox,Kevin Baker
Boiling Point split opinion. (BBC)

Boiling Point's eagerly awaited TV series sequel debuted on Sunday night to divided opinion, as some viewers called it "riveting" while others complained they couldn't hear it and felt dizzy.

The 2021 film of the same name starring Stephen Graham as a stressed head chef in a busy restaurant was famously filmed as one shot, and creator Philip Barantini followed up with a 10-minute one-shot sequence in the TV series opening episode.

But while some fans loved the tension and drama the technique created, others complained that they were left feeling dizzy and struggled to hear the dialogue over the sounds of the kitchen.

Boiling Point,08-10-2023,2,Andy (STEPHEN GRAHAM),Boiling Point TV Limited,James Stack
Stephen Graham was back as Andy. (BBC)

In the BBC One drama, the story picked up with Graham's character Andy at home and in ill health from his alcohol dependency, while Carly (Vinette Robinson) had set up her own restaurant with some of Andy's old staff but was feeling the financial pressures of running a business.

One impressed viewer tweeted: "Having worked in many commercial kitchens and resturants over the years I found the first episode amazing and so true to life. Fantastic acting and a drama that needs watching not just viewing."

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Someone else agreed: "This is a great show. Riveting, entertaining, I couldn't work there though, I was so tense just watching them."

Another fan added: "I’m loving this and I like how this really makes you feel you are actually in kitchen and feeling the stress!!"

Boiling Point,01-10-2023,1,Liam Astrid (JOEL MACCORMACK), Freeman (RAY PANTHAKI),Boiling Point TV Limited,James Stack
Viewers said they could feel the stress of the kitchen. (BBC)

Someone else wrote: "#BoilingPoint is absolutely incredible. I'm binging it, it's so good. People are complaining about the sound but even with my terrible hearing I can make out the dialogue. Not even got subtitles on (unusual for me). Keep watching, it gets better."

However, not everyone got what the drama was about, with one viewer complaining: "40 minutes in and no storyline it just seems to be watching people cook, we've just switched over."

Someone else tweeted: "Like most people, I usually rate ANYTHING Stephen Graham is in, but that really was a sloooooow burn. I feel like I've just done a 15 hour shift in a kitchen. With no storyline."

Boiling Point,08-10-2023,2,Carly (VINETTE ROBINSON),Boiling Point TV Limited,James Stack
The background noise was too much for some. (BBC)

Others commented that they were finding it difficult to hear the drama against the backdrop of the busy kitchen and restaurant dining room.

One viewer tweeted: "I am sure #BoilingPoint is very good but sound quality is killing it, can’t hear the dialogue."

Someone else wrote: "I can’t work out if I’m going deaf, or my TV volume is broken, or this audio on #BoilingPoint is c**p."

Another viewer agreed: "Trying to watch #Boilingpoint but can’t catch half of the dialogue!! Is it just me? Sound is awful. Giving it up."

Boiling Point,01-10-2023,1,Dean (GARY LAMONT),Boiling Point TV Limited,James Stack
Some viewers called the debut episode 'riveting'. (BBC)

The one-shot sequence was too much for some viewers, as one person wrote: "My God i felt dizzy and sick watching Boiling Point, camera work is terrible, why all the moving about??! If was bad first time round but now it seems worse than ever."

Another person complained: "The lighting in #BoilingPoint is too dark. Cannit see a bat."

Someone else wrote: "Is it just me or is the picture very dark and grey??"

Another viewer replied: "Thought it was my TV, or my age! Can hardly see anything or hear and the camera filming making me feel dizzy!!"