The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Luna reveals Poppy's secret?

 Luna (Lisa Yamada) peeks around a door on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Luna (Lisa Yamada) peeks around a door on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Luna (Lisa Yamada) needs a friend right now, and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) might be the one she can lean on in her time of need on The Bold and the Beautiful. But will she reveal her mother’s secrets to him?

After all she’s been through, Luna needs someone she can talk to who isn’t her mother and who won’t go telling people at Forrester Creations. There’s too much on the line for her to risk these secrets getting out.

Enter Bill Spencer. We’ve talked before about Bill being a possible ally for Luna because he’s shown his own brand of paternal concern toward Poppy’s (Romy Park) daughter. The challenge for Luna is that Bill is in love with her mother, and revealing her mother’s secrets could ruin their relationship.

What Luna doesn’t know, of course, is that Bill already knows about Poppy’s special mints. He knows she takes them to relax and he’s probably guessed that they're more than just breath mints at this point.

There’s no question Bill would be aghast to know that Luna took the special mints by mistake and ended up sleeping with Zende (Delon De Metz). While Bill has no love for the Forresters, his concern would be entirely focused upon Luna’s well-being.

Luna feels like she can’t talk to her mother about this anymore, so Bill might be able to offer a fresh perspective based on his experience as the father of three sons. In fact, knowing that Luna is conflicted about not knowing her father’s identity, Bill might use the experience as a father to guide her through this ordeal. Even though he’s not her father, he could still play that role.

The unknown in this situation is how Bill will react to Poppy’s recklessness and her advice to Luna to lie about it afterwards. It could change the way he looks at Poppy, but it could also fall in line with whatever his advice to Luna might be. It’s hard to tell. One thing is for certain, though: Luna needs a friend, and Bill might be the perfect answer.

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