The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Thomas cracks?

 Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is trying to understand Hope's rejection on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is trying to understand Hope's rejection on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Now that Hope (Annika Noelle) has rejected Thomas’ (Matthew Atkinson) marriage proposal for the second time on The Bold and the Beautiful, will he crack under the pressure of being disappointed once again?

Thomas’ second proposal had all of the romantic trappings you’d expect: a beautiful location, a custom dress, candlelight and dinner. He pulled out all of the stops to make the moment special.

What he didn’t do, however, was consider that Hope still needed more time — which she’d asked for, repeatedly. He was ready and made a decision that enough time had passed, and when his proposal was rejected he was left feeling stunned, shocked and confused.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) is telling him to give Hope more time while Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is pressuring him to leave Hope because she’ll only break his heart. Then you have Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) telling him to follow his heart while Liam (Scott Clifton) would rather see Hope with anyone other than Thomas because of their shared history.

So what happens now? Thomas can’t stop thinking about Hope’s rejection in the March 19 episode of B&B and Steffy has expressed concern that the rejection could bring out his demons.

Will Hope’s rejection lead to a breakdown? Possibly. But we’re thinking it could lead to something even worse: obsession. Thomas doesn’t understand why Hope rejected him again. He’s convinced they’re the perfect couple and that together they make better designers, better parents and better romantic partners.

As he struggles to understand why his proposal is such a hard thing for her to accept, it feels like Thomas is only going to be more driven until he gets exactly what he wants, no matter what it takes to get it.

We’ve seen what happens when Thomas gets obsessed, and that’s when he’s the most dangerous. Even if Hope tells him she loves him and just needs more time, he might not be willing to wait for her. He might go to any lengths to get what he wants, and that could put her in grave danger.

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