Bollywood Star Sunny Leone Slams Interviewer That Dredged Up Her Porn Past

Canadian-born Bollywood star Sunny Leone has slammed Indian TV reporter Bhupendra Chaubey after he challenged her about her porn star past during a 30-minute TV interview about her new film ‘Mastizaade’.

“I felt completely alone… and no one was helping me out,” Leone told Huffington Post India. “I felt upset because I never imagined this is what I may have to face.”

Leone was bombarded with a series of aggressive questions from the prominent TV anchor who kept badgering her about her professional past as a porn performer, at one point asking her if he’d “become morally corrupt by talking to her”.


At several times during the interview Chaubey asks her if she regrets her porn past and quotes a politician who says Leone has “corrupted Indian minds”.

The actress stuck to her guns deflecting his questions, but refused to repeat the interview which they were due to re-record in hindi.

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“I will never back away. I will never let anyone get to me. I will never let anyone - man or woman - take me down,” she said. “It was that spirit in me that made me continue with the interview.”


Leone started out in the adult entertainment industry and was Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003, but she’s since gone on the become a big star in India appearing in a number of increasingly high profile Bollywood films.

People in India spoke out against Chaubey’s interview technique on Twitter with one commenter questioning the TV anchor’s “dodgy agenda”.

At one point, Chaubey asks Leone whether Bollywood icon Aamir Khan would ever work with her and she replies, “probably not”, but following the interview Khan has got in touch to offer his support.

“It was such a sweet gesture on behalf of Aamir Khan to reach out to me. His support means a lot. Like I said in the interview, we work together, we don’t work together, I will still be a fan…”


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Image credits: YouTube/IBTimes/CNN IBN