Bond 24: Producers offer development update (exclusive)

Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli say ‘everything is possible’ for next Bond film.

File photo dated 03/11/11 of Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes as James Bond has broken box office records after Skyfall took in £103 million to become the biggest earner in UK cinema history.

Bond 24 is coming in November 2015, and it’s currently at an early point in development with a first draft of the script nearing completion.

Writer John Logan recently told Empire that the new film will “continue the themes of Skyfall” and include references to the wider Bond franchise after the Aston Martin DB5 cameo in ‘Skyfall’ proved to be such a crowd-pleaser.

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We got the chance to quiz Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, the long-time producers of the series about Logan’s comments at the opening of ‘Bond In Motion’, a new 007 exhibition opening this week at the London Film Museum.

"What is he talking about? He can’t say that,” quipped Wilson, "He’s not supposed to be talking about what he’s writing.”

"We’re the middle of it… you know, it’s still early stages in terms of the scriptwriting.” explained Broccoli, "It’s the exciting part, where everything is possible."

"We’re getting all the creative forces together, so watch this space."

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One thing that they could tell us was that Bond would be getting a new Aston Martin.

"We’re looking at one, but that’s a secret. It’s a new design.” said Wilson.

"We were with Aston Martin yesterday, that’s how up to date we are with it!” added Broccoli.

Chris Corbould, veteran special effects supervisor on the Bond films, and many other blockbusters, offered some insight into the development of the action scenes.

"It’s generally 6-8 months out that we start talking. I’ve been talking with Sam [Mendes, the director] about various concepts at the moment, but it’s very exciting times when you’re moulding the scripts and trying to come up with new challenging sequences that you haven’t necessarily seen before on screen.”

"It gets harder and harder, like the digger on the back of the train from ‘Skyfall’, or the train coming through the ceiling. They’re all part of a collaborative process where you all try to come up with something different with the stunt coordinators, second unit directors, Sam, the writer, Michael, Barbara, they all have ideas."

"We just pitch them in and see which is the best.”

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