Bond 24 Hires Interstellar's Cinematographer

It seems Sam Mendes has found his replacement for ‘Skyfall’ director of photography Roger Deakins.

Many film fans were disappointed when the news broke that Deakins - one of the most revered cinematographers in the world - would not be returning for the as-yet untitled 24th James Bond movie, as the exceptional visual aesthetic was certainly a factor in making ‘Skyfall’ one of the best Bonds ever.


However, according to HitFix, Mendes and Eon Productions have chosen his successor. 

Reportedly Bond 24 will be shot by Hoyte van Hoytem, BAFTA-nominated director of photography who made his name on acclaimed 2008 Swedish vampire drama ‘Let The Right One In.’

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Subsequently van Hoytem has been highly in demand in the US, with such credits to his name as ‘The Fighter,’ ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,’ ‘Her,’ and Christopher Nolan’s upcoming ‘Interstellar.’

Hitfix also mention unconfirmed reports that Bond 24 is to be shot on film, after ‘Skyfall’ was the first Bond movie to be shot entirely digitally.

Either way, as Mendes has a tendency to work with the very best in the business, this surely bodes well for van Hoytem’s career, which would appear to only be on the rise.


We might also ponder if van Hoytem’s Scandinavian roots in any way influenced his selection, given Bond 24 is known to be set at least partially in Norway (although Austrian locations will reportedly be used for these sequences).

Also on the Nordic connection, numerous Scandinavian actresses are said to have auditioned for a love interest role - and it was also reported that, prior to Sam Mendes agreeing to return, 'Headhunters' director Morten Tyldum was in the running to helm Bond 24.

Perhaps we can anticipate a bit of Nordic Noir flavour to James Bond’s next adventure - but regardless, with Hoyte van Hoytem and Sam Mendes collaborating, we can certainly expect another great-looking 007 movie.

Bond 24 begins production in December, and is set to hit cinemas in October 2015.

Picture credit: MGM/Warner Bros