Bond 24 Rewritten To Add Thrills and Gags

The script for the next James Bond film has had to be rescued – by the same writing team who were taken off the last one, according to a new report.

Writers Neil Purvis and Robert Wade were drafted in to add some “thrills”, according to the Mail Online.

John Logan’s original script for ‘Bond 24’ – as it’s known until the title is officially announced – was deemed too short on the action for which 007 movies are renowned.

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The decision was taken by director Sam Mendes and Bond himself, Daniel Craig. Now the script has been sufficiently thrilled-up to everyone’s satisfaction and filming is set to begin in late November.

“Everyone’s excited, and all systems are pumping away at full speed,” a source told the paper, who insisted the new script was “substantially different” from Logan’s.

Above: Robert Wade, from left, Sam Mendes, Barbara Broccoli, Michael G Wilson, and Neil Purvis at the BAFTAs.

"There was an awful lot of work to do. It was a big job. The impression given was that Purvis and Wade were hired to add jokes — but it was a bigger deal than that.”

Director Sam Mendes needed all his powers of persuasion to get the duo of Purvis and Wade back on board.

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They’d been removed from the ‘Skyfall’ script to make way for Logan, who made substantial rewrites of their drafts.

When that surpassed critical and commercial expectations, Mendes went with Logan from the off this time – only to go back to the previous writing duo.

Perhaps it would save time if he starts Bond 25 with a combination of all three.

Image Credit: Press Association/MGM