Bond 25 starts filming in Norway

Daniel Craig as James Bond (Credit: Eon)
Daniel Craig as James Bond (Credit: Eon)

Filming of Bond 25 – said to be under the working title Eclipse – is now kicking off in Norway.

Bond news site MI6-HQ reports that the production is set to shoot at Nittedal, on a frozen lake 18 miles north of Oslo.

It’s thought that time is of the essence to film the sequence, as soon the lake will begin to thaw as spring approaches.

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Eon, the producers of the Bond film, have hired the company Truenorth to coordinate the shoot, with purpose-built structures already being erected.

Also spotted was signage closing down the local area, preventing access to the lake.

But in reports that appeared in The Sun earlier this month, environmental campaigners are concerned that the buildings, which are said to be being constructed in order to be blown up, could be detrimental to local wildlife.

An insider told the newspaper: “Norway’s environmental policies are deemed to be among the best worldwide and natives are hugely sensitive to the issues caused by the high budget set.

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“Trekkers who hike and ski in the area are understandably appalled by areas of the nature being cleared of snow. But officials have claimed that all traces of the filming will be gone by spring.”

MI6-HQ also reported earlier this month that the scene being filmed will also involve low-flying helicopters, which has also caused concern from The Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation.

True Detective director Cary Fukunaga is behind the camera for this 25th movie in the Bond series, with Daniel Craig making his last appearance as 007.

It’s due for release in April, 2020.