James Bond villains blamed for nuclear power's 'grim' reputation

Michael Edwards
Yahoo UK Movies News

The President of the Royal Society of Chemistry has claimed James Bond villains are the reason the British public has a negative view of nuclear power.

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According to the BBC, Prof David Phillips called for a 'renaissance' in nuclear power and an end to the "remorselessly grim" image perpetuated by baddies like Dr. No, who had his own personal nuclear reactor.

Speaking ahead of the 50th anniversary of 'Dr. No', Phillips said the film, which played on Cold War tensions and fears surrounding a nuclear arms race, presented the technology as a "barely-controlled force for evil".

He said: "Let's say yes to nuclear and no to Dr. No's nonsense."

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The Green Party were quick to refute Prof Phillips' claims.

"Although James Bond is fiction, the truth is that nuclear power is dangerous, dirty and unsafe," said spokesperson, Penny Kemp.

"It is improbable to think that people's perceptions have been influenced solely by 'The World is Not Enough', but this film came after the Chernobyl disaster so the film was merely picking up on a real fear people have of nuclear power. And rightly so."