Bonham Carter: 'dropping all the balls'

Helena Bonham Carter has revealed that she plans to take a break from any acting duties to concentrate on raising her two children and supporting her partner, director Tim Burton.

Bonham Carter, 46, who currently stars in Les Misérables told 'The Daily Telegraph' that, “juggling motherhood with acting is hard and I’m dropping all the balls at the same time… You always feel like you’re doing everything badly.”

Helena Bonham Carter with Tim Burton (Credit: Wenn)
“Tim’s taking time out now, and I think I’ll do the same… we’re trying to be parents, which is harder than anything else.”

The couple currently live in North London with their two children, Billy, 10, and Nell, six.

Helena also added that she doubts that Burton has any roles in future projects either: “I doubt he has another film he wants to cast me in… Tim keeps very private about that and I’m always his last choice actually.”

However, fans of the actress will still be able to see her on the big screen again this year when she appears in Gore Verbinski's forthcoming remake of 'The Lone Ranger'.