Bonkers twist for 'Twins' sequel

Plan is to reunite “brothers” Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, and then add Eddie Murphy as another sibling!

We know it's not quite April Fool’s Day yet, but we are raising eyebrows at this news of a ‘Twins’ sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter are claiming that Universal and Montecito Picture Co. are planning the follow-up to the 1988 hit comedy that saw Danny DeVito and  Arnold Schwarzenegger play unlikely twins who were conceived experimentally.

The ‘Twins’ sequel, set to be called 'Triplets', would then add Eddie Murphy as a third brother.

The original stars are attached but original director Ivan Reitman is rumoured to be on board as a producer only.

Next year will mark the 25th anniversary of the film, so the time would be perfect for a ‘Twins’ sequel, but Eddie Murphy isn't exactly the biggest box office draw in Hollywood at the moment. His latest film,  'A Thousand Words', is one of the worst rated films in recent memory.