Boris Johnson Joining GB News Fires Up Social Media

Boris Johnson says he would be giving “unvarnished views
Boris Johnson says he would be giving “unvarnished views

Boris Johnson says he would be giving “unvarnished views".

Boris Johnson has fired up his detractors after it was announced he will join GB News as a presenter, programme maker and commentator.

The broadcaster said the former prime minister will play “a key role” in its coverage of next year’s UK general election and US presidential election.

Johnson – who was a journalist before entering politics – said he would be giving “unvarnished views on everything from Russia, China, the war in Ukraine”.

“GB News is an insurgent channel with a loyal and growing following. I am excited to say I will be joining shortly – and offering my frank opinions on world affairs,” he said.

Johnson, who already has a weekly column in the Daily Mail, joins a presenting stable that includes Lee Anderson, the Tory deputy chairman who has his own show on the channel.

Anderson said of the news: “This announcement will send the left-wing media outlets into meltdown.”

On X, formerly known as Twitter, the reaction was strong – ranging from wondering whether the move represented something of a sideways step to suggestions of the kind of show he would produce, while some praised GB News for the signing.