Boss Baby 2 trailer is causing ‘existential discomfort’ among confused viewers

Jacob Stolworthy
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 (Universal Pictures)
(Universal Pictures)

The trailer for The Boss Baby 2 is leaving people with a lot of unanswered questions.

Universal Pictures unveiled the first look at the new sequel on Tuesday (24 November), but it seems to have caused “existential discomfort” among viewers who aren’t entirely sure how the film’s universe actually works.

The Boss Baby, which was released in 2017, follows baby boy Ted Templeton (voiced by Alec Baldwin) who is actually a businessman/secret agent working in the war for parents' love between babies and puppies (yes, really). In the film, he ends up being helped by his older brother, Tim.

It was a box office hit and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature, as well as a Netflix spinoff series titled The Boss Baby: Back in Business.

The new sequel, titled The Boss Baby: Family Business, sees both Ted and Tim grown up. Baldwin’s Boss Baby is now a hedge fund CEO while Tim (James Marsden) is a married dad.

New boss baby Tina (Amy Sedaris) soon brings them back together after it’s revealed she is also a secret agent working for BabyCorp in an attempt to unearth a mystery involving Tim’s daughter, Tabitha.

However, despite being adults in the sequel, Ted and Tim are given a formula that turns them back into their younger selves for 48 hours, which is making people feel both confused and unnerved.

“Why didn't the first boss baby grow any older?” one person asked. “If anyone knows the lore of the series could you please explain?”

Attempting to clarify the situation, a tweeter responded: “Apparently the premise of the sequel is that the first Boss Baby grew up and has now been turned back into a baby somehow. It's a bold choice that inspires both terror and respect.”

For those wondering, Baldwin’s Boss Baby retires from his businessman duties in the fourth season of the Netflix spinoff series, a decision which sees him become a normal baby. It’s thought to be from this point that he grows into an adult, but, then again, who really knows?

The Boss Baby: Family Business is scheduled to be released on 26 March

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