Boston Strangler trailer

Watch the trailer for new Disney+ film Boston Strangler. The thriller stars Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon as journalists reporting on a notorious serial killer in the 1960s.

Video transcript



- The city is for some glamorous, stimulating, prosperous. Only recently has it become dangerous.


- Jack, I think I found something. Three women were strangled over the last two weeks.

- You're on the lifestyle desk. You're not covering a homicide.

- I think the murders are connected.


Another woman was strangled. Just came over the wire.

- I'm killed in the follow-up. You don't have a story.

- How many women have to die before it's a story?


- They just confirmed number four.

- Police aren't talking. Never seen them this tight-lipped about anything.

- I don't care if it's one killer or four. We're going to catch whoever did this.



- Boston Police. Hands on the wall.

- We had him. We just let them walk away


- Everything lines up with him, his history, the progression of the crimes, everything.

- You know how many people I've gone down the rabbit hole with? It's a dead end every time of this case.

- What do you think you're going to find out there? When is this going to stop, Loretta?

- I need you to call in a favor.


- Be quick. I don't want to get fired tonight.

- Any lawyer worth a dime would pick this apart.


- You really want to use this paper to tear down the police department?

- If anyone else was blowing it this badly, we'd have put it on the front page a long time ago.

- I need you to take down an address. If I don't call back in an hour, give it to the police.

- Loretta.

- There's more than one lunatic out there, and you're going to get us both killed.


- Your safe little world is just delusion.