Boy dressed as Two-Face shoots himself at school

13-year-old Cade Poulos was dressed as Batman character for a charity drive

A 13-year-old boy dressed as Batman villain Two-Face shot himself dead at his school in Oklahoma.

Cade Poulos, who was dressed as the character for the school's 'Superhero Dress-up Day' charity drive, bought the gun with him into Stillwater Junior High school.

He then shot himself in the halls at 8am, just before classes began.

Cade Poulos... took his own life at school in Oklahoma (Copyright: Facebook)

Teachers attended to him before paramedics arrived, but he died at the scene.

Some students fled the school fearing a gunman may be on the loose, while others were evacuated to a local shopping centre.

Records at the school do not show that Poulos was bullied, but students have come forward suggesting that he was.

One message of condolence on Facebook read: “We all broke down and cried when we heard the gun shot. I hope people realize now that Bullying is NOT acceptable, and it hurts people in every way. Little words hurt. We know what you experienced. But we all love you, your [sic] in our prayers...”.

For many, the death has served as a reminder of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, this summer, when gunman James Holmes opened fire in a cinema dressed as the Joker, killing 12 people.