“The Boys” star Chace Crawford will return for “Gen V” cameo

Chace Crawford is rising from the deep once again to reprise his superhero role from The Boys on spinoff series Gen V, EW can exclusively report.

Crawford stars on The Boys as the Deep, the Aquaman-esque supe who can breath underwater and communicate with marine life. Often times he gets into sexual antics with dolphins and a particular cephalopod named Timothy (R.I.P.), but to each their own.

The actor will now have a cameo appearance as the Deep on Gen V, which premieres later this month with a story about the students of Godolkin University, the prestigious college for super-powered young adults. Details on his cameo are being kept under wraps. Other actors from The Boys already officially confirmed for Gen V are Jessie T. Usher (speedster A-Train), Claudia Doumit (Congresswoman Victoria Neuman), Colby Minifie (Vought's frantic PR gal Ashley Barrett), and P.J. Byrne (Vought's in-house filmmaker Adam Bourke).

The Boys season 3. Courtesy of Prime Video
The Boys season 3. Courtesy of Prime Video

Prime Video The Deep (Chace Crawford) gets in on the fun of Herogasm in 'The Boys' season 3.

Gen V stars Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau, a supe with the ability to control and weaponize blood. She's accepted to Godolkin, where she meets Luke Riordan/Golden Boy (Patrick Schwarzenegger), the top-ranked student; master of magnetism Andre Anderson (Chance Perdomo); size-shrinking Emma Meyer (Lizze Broadway); the gender-shifting Jordan Li (played by both London Thor and Derek Luh); and mind-controller Cate Dunlap (Maddie Phillips). When Marie and her classmates uncover something sinister lurking within the bowels of Godolkin, they will come to terms with what it really means to be a hero.

Shelley Conn, Asa Germann, Sean Patrick Thomas, Marco Pigossi, Clancy Brown, Jason Ritter, and Derek Wilson will also feature in Gen V. Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters serve as showrunners on season 1. The first three of eight episodes will drop on Prime Video this Sept. 29.

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