Brad and Angelina's relationship 'tense' on strange working honeymoon film set

Strained… even on their ‘working honeymoon’ couple seemed distant – Credit: Universal

Brad Pitt and Angelina’s marriage is said to have been under strain even during their strange ‘working honeymoon’, it’s being claimed.

The couple married after a decade together in 2014, making the odd decision to spend their honeymoon on the set of their recent movie ‘By The Sea’.

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But according to reports from People magazine, things already seemed to be ‘rocky’, with the couple appearing distant from each other, while making the film in Malta.

It’s claimed that they barely spoke to each other, and spent weekends apart on other business.

Pitt, meanwhile, would go to a local bar alone.

Alone… Brad would head to a local bar – Credit: Universal

“He would be very quiet and just keep to himself,” an ‘onlooker’ told the magazine. “Angelina was never with him.”

The source from the film’s set added: “They hardly spoke when they were together. It was not a honeymoon.”

The couple arrived on the island having rented three villas to stay in, accompanied by their six children and eight nannies.

But the family is said to have lived ‘mostly in isolation’ while filming, due to their A-list status, though 15-year-old Maddox worked as a production assistant on the movie.

Written and directed by Jolie, the $10 million passion project tanked at the box office, making just $3 million.

In it Pitt and Jolie played a couple experiencing marriage problems.