Brad Bird Says Tomorrowland: A World Beyond Was Made With Prosperity In Mind


Brad Bird, the director of the upcoming Disney sci-fi adventure ‘Tomorrowland: A World Beyond’, has revealed that it was very much made with the future in mind.


“There are some movies that age very quickly, while others do not, and I try to pay attention when something that I liked when it first came out seems to have gotten very old,” Bird said, as he shared his thoughts on the idea of its cinematic prosperity.

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The ‘Incredibles’ and ‘Iron Giant’ helmer believes that it’s all about creating something that goes beyond a flavour of the week: “Don’t go for the momentarily trendy; try to dig a little deeper. Try to make things that are always going to feel good and feel right.”

And it appears that Bird has achieved just that, because ‘Tomorrowland: A World Beyond’ does have a timeless quality to it, from score to thematics to placing its locales.

In truth, the worlds of ‘Tomorrowland’ are a mixture of futuristic and of eras gone by. It’s hard to put your finger on what era exactly they’re attributed to (besides the initial 50s-set World’s Fair location. “When you go to a place like Chicago or New York, you see buildings from all sorts of eras, but they play well with each other,” Bird mused, which seems to be what he wanted to get across with his latest.


In terms of how the costumes were conceived, Bird reveals that he told costume designer Jeffrey Kurland to think as broadly as possible. “His only brief was ‘It’s a version of the future, and other than that, go wild.’ ”

The elements that go hand-in-hand to create an unspecific set of visuals that’d hold up in one, two, or ten years time are, again, about creating timeless appeal rather than an on-trend one. “ ‘Dr. Strangelove’ may be an early-’60s movie, but it’s still modern, and you just want to be in that world, because it’s so vividly imagined.”

There’s no doubt that ‘Tomorrowland: A World Beyond’ feels current and something that can’t be pigeonholed or pinpointed to one time or period. Whether it possesses the type of longevity Bird refers to and aspires to remains to be seen, but the final results look promising, that’s for sure.

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Picture credit: Disney

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