Brad Pitt hints at World War Z trilogy (Exclusive)

Plus star tells us what makes the UK such a great place to make movies.

Brad Pitt has hinted that upcoming zombie epic ‘World War Z’ already has the sequel potential.

“It’s all vignettes, there’s no clear narrative, and it’s all written in past tense,” Pitt admitted about adapting Max Brook’s groundbreaking horror novel. “But I think we found it, we got it.

“We got plenty of material to go on to do a second or third thing if this thing works.”

Check out our interview with Mr Pitt above, exclusive to Yahoo! Movies UK.

[Epic new World War Z poster]

Speaking at the world premiere of ‘World War Z’ in London’s Leicester Square, star and producer Pitt also told us just what it is about the UK, where most of the action was shot, that attracted him to making the zombie epic here: “It’s got a great international vibe. There’s a lot of different cultures here, as far as we had an international cast that we needed to reach to,” laughed Brad, “and tax rebates man!”

UK filming locations doubled up for several internationals spots, including Glasgow for Philadelphia, and several scenes of the $125 million (£82 million) budgeted movie were also shot in Cornwall’s sleepy Falmouth. But, according to Brad, it’s all about the British extras:

“The extra are great. That’s another thing about filming here. The infrastructure’s so good, the crews are so good, and the people are filling in the back drop.

“We had a lot of extra in this one. A lot of people screaming in the streets. They really sold it.

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Brad then boasted one shot alone featured 1000 extras. Impressive in this time of CGI-touting blockbusters, right?

“It’s been a long time coming,” added Brad about the movie. “We got this thing together. It’s big, it’s good summer fun.

“The most intense film you’re gonna see all Summer. I’m telling ya!”

‘World War Z’, directed by Marc Foster, is out in the UK 21 June 2013.