Brad Pitt to play Pontius Pilate?

Pitt could be set for biblical role as the Roman who sent Christ to his death

Brad Pitt is reportedly circling the role of Roman prefect Pontius Pilate in a new re-telling of the story of the man who sent Jesus Christ to his crucifixion.

According to Deadline, the A-lister is 'not committed' as yet, but is keen on the role.

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Pitt... circling role of Pontius Pilate (Copyright: Rex)

Warner Bros. bought up the script from screenwriter Vera Blasi, who wrote 2000 Penelope Cruz vehicle 'Woman On Top', last summer, which follows Pilate's life from childhood through his days as a warrior to his entrance into politics.

“You have the available facts from Roman and Jewish history books and the four gospels, and then you are left to speculate, to interpret the character of Pilate and give him a dilemma,” she said of the project.

“He seemed a great way to offer context to this very famous event, and if you look at it from the perspective of the Roman governor of that time, it allows for an investigation of the politics of Judea at the time, and what it was like to be occupied by Rome.”

It's among a number of biblical cinematic offerings in the pipeline.

Darren Aronofsky is working on his telling of Noah's story with Russell Crowe, while Paul Verhoeven is a version of 'Jesus of Nazareth', with a script from 'Pulp Fiction' writer Roger Avery.