Brad Pitt wears a skirt on the red carpet for 'Bullet Train' premiere

Brad Pitt is sporting a new kind of red carpet look.

The Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood star, 58, appeared in Berlin at a stop during the promotional tour for his new film Bullet Train wearing a brown linen skirt. He paired the look with a matching brown jacket, black boots and a red top.

BERLIN, GERMANY - JULY 19: Brad Pitt attends the
Brad Pitt, wearing a brown linen skirt with a matching blazer and purple shirt, is pictured here on the red carpet at the "Bullet Train" premiere on July 19, 2022 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo: Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

The actor’s look was posted by GQ’s Instagram account, where the style got plenty of love from commenters. One wrote, “Brad Pitt in a skirt was exactly what I needed on this Tuesday evening.” Another added, “A master class in how to remain on top of the game.”

Pitt, who stars in the upcoming movie with Sandra Bullock, Joey King and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, has spoken about his fashion sense before. In a 2021 interview with Esquire, the star called his preferred sense of dressing “no-style style.”

“I like monochrome, without it being a uniform,” he explained at the time. “I like simplicity. I like the details in the stitching, the way it feels. If anything, that’s the only divining rod I have.”

He also said his looks were often “led by comfort.”

“I like the feel of a Lecia camera or the way a watch feels,” he noted. “I don’t want to look ostentatious, but if you come close, you notice. I like how the lining feels. It’s those details that are important to me. It’s too exhausting to follow trends. And I despise billboards; I just don’t want to be billboard.”

In addition to fashion, Pitt recently spoke about finding other new interests in his 50s. He told GQ in a June interview that he has discovered a passion for music.

“Music fills me with so much joy," he continued. "I think joy’s been a newer discovery, later in life. I was always moving with the currents, drifting in a way, and onto the next. I think I spent years with a low-grade depression, and it’s not until coming to terms with that, trying to embrace all sides of self — the beauty and the ugly — that I’ve been able to catch those moments of joy.”

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