Bradley Cooper branded 'desperate' over Emmys comedy submission

Bradley Cooper has been branded "desperate" over his Emmy Awards comedy submission.

The actor has been roasted after ABC submitted his Abbott Elementary cameo for an award at this year's Emmys.

Bradley, 49, appeared as himself on an episode of the hit comedy series that aired in March, spending just under two minutes on screen.

Fans of the show expressed confusion over the submission, with several describing it as "desperate" in light of Bradley's directorial effort, the 2023 biopic Maestro, failing to collect any Oscars.

"Is he that desperate for awards nowadays?" wrote one commenter on social network Reddit.

"I used to really like Bradley Cooper but he's starting to seem desperate for awards," another wrote.

Others were quick to correct the misunderstanding, explaining the submission was intended to trial new eligibility rules implemented by Emmys organisers.

"Actors don't even submit themselves the studios do," one commenter noted.

"They did so in this case to test the waters with the new rules on eligibility. It's within the show's best interest if he's eligible because it still counts for an award nomination for Abbott Elementary."

The 2024 Emmy Awards will take place on 16 September, with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences scheduled to announce the nominees on 17 July.