The Breakfast Club's Ally Sheedy confirms who she's still in touch with on the film's 35th anniversary

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Photo credit: Universal

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It's hard to believe but it's been a whopping 35 years since The Breakfast Club first opened in cinemas, and it's been inspiring generations ever since.

Focusing on five students in Saturday detention, the John Hughes film struck a chord with audiences everywhere, and since.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, the film's 'Basket Case' Ally Sheedy revealed who she is still in touch with from the movie.

Photo credit: Universal Pictures/Getty Images
Photo credit: Universal Pictures/Getty Images

"There isn't [a Breakfast Club WhatsApp group] but I am still in regular touch with Molly [Ringwald]," she said.

"What we have is a shared experience which is very specific and unique, it's a comfortable sort of closeness there.

"We've both lived through this particular thing that it became and has continued to go on and be. But mostly we just talk about what's happening in our lives and our kids, and basically what anyone else does."

And despite the fact that every big Hollywood film is being remade right now, Ally has explained why it could never happen with The Breakfast Club.

Photo credit: FilmMagic
Photo credit: FilmMagic

"There's no way there could be a remake because John Hughes just didn't want that to happen so there isn't," she said.

"It would be a completely different film, there's no way to remake it today. I really don't think so.

"If you're going to make a film about high school today, you have to talk about the issues today.

"Breakfast Club is a bunch of white kids sitting in a suburban classroom going through what was important to John Hughes at that time in the '80s, it's not the same world anymore."

Photo credit: J. Countess/Globe Photos/Rex - Getty Images
Photo credit: J. Countess/Globe Photos/Rex - Getty Images

But if The Breakfast Club is ever updated for 2020, don't be expecting a cameo from Ally.

"If there was a movie about five kids in high school, it should be their story, not mine," she said.

"I just can't see it being remade today, it's just so specifically that time."

Ally is hosting a special Breakfast Club watch party with NOW TV to celebrate the special anniversary, and said how excited she was to chat to fans.

"[NOW TV] came up with the whole idea of celebrating it and its anniversary," she said. "I really loved, I wanted to talk to people beforehand and get their questions, then they watch the film and I get their feedback afterwards. I love that."

Ally Sheedy is hosting the NOW TV Breakfast Club 35th Anniversary watch party on 7th June. To apply visit If you can't make it, The Breakfast Club can be streamed on NOW TV with a Sky Cinema Pass for £11.99.

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