Brewers seem salty that Christian Yelich didn't repeat as NL MVP

Mark Townsend
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Brewers seem salty that Christian Yelich didn't repeat as NL MVP

The National League MVP results were announced on Thursday and it’s safe to say the Milwaukee Brewers were not thrilled with the news.

Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Cody Bellinger was revealed as the winner after receiving 19 of 30 first-place votes from the Baseball Writers Association of America. Christian Yelich, who won NL MVP last season and had another stellar season for the Brewers in 2019, received 10 first-place votes to finish second place.

The Brewers obviously felt Yelich did enough to earn a repeat. When the outcome was announced, it prompted a response that some have labeled salty.

‘This is still my MVP’

Moments after the announcement was read, this tweet and video popped up on the Brewers Twitter account.

It’s not so much the message, the “Still my MVP” hashtag, or even the video itself that screams displeasure over the result. It’s expected that the Brewers would support their guy, and it’s true Yelich put together an even better season despite missing the final two-plus weeks with a fractured kneecap.

It’s that sneaky emoji that says “Something doesn’t add up here” and “Are we sure Cody Bellinger is the right choice?” that has our attention.

In the Brewers’ defense, this is a debate baseball fans think is worthy having. An MLB Network poll just before the announcement revealed that 71 percent of fans believed Yelich deserved the MVP this season. Only 11 percent sided with Bellinger, while the other 18 percent voted for Anthony Rendon of the Washington Nationals.

It’s the writers votes that count. We must remember too that the voting is held before the postseason.

Dodgers fans respond

Not surprisingly, Dodgers fans were quick to stand up for Bellinger. The responses sent to Milwaukee’s account were passionate and covered in salt. Lots of salt.

Had Yelich won, we’re sure Dodgers fans would be none too pleased about it. But we get where they are coming from.

Had Yelich won, he also would have become only the 14th player in MLB history to win back-to-back MVPs. There was history on the line, so we get the Brewers disappointment.

That Bellinger did win shouldn’t be all that controversial, either. He was the best player on a team that won an NL-best 106 games. He mashed 47 home runs, good for fourth in MLB. He won a Gold Glove after moving to the outfield. Like Yelich, Bellinger upped his game to another level and deserves the recognition.

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