Brian Blessed Asked Doctor To ‘Fit Him A New Penis' After Pacemaker Op


Brian Blessed continues to be legendary, revealing arguably slightly too much information about some recent surgery.

The veteran actor, now 79, has had a new £27,000 pacemaker fitted, a piece of kit which he claims now makes him feel like ‘a million dollar man’.

All he needs now is a new penis, he says.

“Now I can do anything. I just wish they’d given me another c***. That’s what I said to the doctors,” he told Calibre Quarterly magazine.

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“They said, 'How are you feeling Brian?’ I said, 'Great! Now I’d just like a 20-year-old c***!’.”

'Flash Gordon’ star and adventurer Blessed had the pacemaker fitted after he collapsed while on stage performing in 'King Lear’ in Guildford last year.

Luckily, a surgeon was in the audience, and attended to Blessed on the stage.

After being treated, he even returned to the stage to apologise to the audience, saying: “I feel such an idiot and am not in the habit of doing this, but I have a little fibrillation.”

He then finished the performance despite occasional spells of dizziness, shortness of breath and clutching his chest.

“I saw these doctors who had this new pacemaker, which is made by Boston Scientific, who said they would come over and help fit it,” he went on.


“Apparently I had no cholesterol, so they just fed the device straight through the heart, and it was all finished before I knew it. I just immediately felt 20 again.”

Blessed also hit the news last year, but for more entertaining reasons, thanks to excerpts released from his memoir 'Absolute Pandemonium’.

It included details of him knocking out the playwright Harold Pinter, and wrestling the great actor Peter O'Toole.

It later emerged that he had delivered a baby single-handed after happening upon a woman in labour in Richmond Park while he was out running.

After safely attending to the birth, he bit through the umbilical cord.

He told Radio 4: “Then I got the afterbirth out, then I bit it loose then I tied it into a knot, and then I just called for help and eventually an ambulance came.

“I was covered in blood, my shirt was covered in blood, I was wrapping her, wiping her, 'it’s alright darling’. And I was licking the baby’s face.”

He said that he’d known how to deliver a baby after seeing his mother do it several times growing up.

Image credits: Rex Features

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