Bride-to-be dumbfounded by best friend’s reaction to her wedding date selection: ‘I thought she would be happy for me’

A woman was accused of copying her best friend’s destination wedding idea.

The woman asked Reddit’s “Wedding” forum for advice. Her friend is getting married in Croatia. But when she decided to get married in Italy, her fiance’s country of origin, the friend became upset.

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“My bestfriend is having a destination wedding in Croatia next year, I am apart of her bridal party and we have been so excited planning,” she wrote.

“My partner and I also have decided that we would like to get married in Italy where he is from the following month (5 weeks apart) since we will be in Europe regardless and spending so much to be there (we’re from Australia).”

The Reddit poster felt their weddings would be completely different, in different countries, hers a small affair with four guests, the friend’s a large one with 100. Moreover, none of the guests were even the same.

“We were intending on doing something extremely small and intimate like exchanging of vows followed by a small dinner with 2 guests each being my bestfriend and her partner and his bestfriends,” she said.

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But her friend felt like the weddings were too similar for some reason and even accused the Reddit poster of copying.

“However when I shared this news with my her she got upset and said that it takes away the specialness of hers and that she has thought of something ‘cool and original’ that I am now basically replicating/copying (getting married there was my partners idea), she also said in frustration that now everyone is getting married in Europe…. I’m so torn, I understand her frustrations but I thought she would be happy for me,” the poster wrote.

Redditors thought the bride was being unreasonable.

“Confused why she thinks she came up w the idea of getting married in Europe,” a person said.

“That’s plenty of time between the two weddings, your friend doesn’t own the whole year on destination weddings,” someone wrote.

“It’s not your fault your partner is from Italy,” a user added.

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