Bride-to-be infuriated by in-laws’ ‘unexpected’ wedding plans: ‘I can’t help but feel jealous’

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A woman doesn’t understand why her in-laws keep getting engaged and married.

She asked Reddit’s “Wedding” forum to weigh in on the issue. She and her fiance had a long engagement and plan to get married this summer. But since they announced their wedding plans, several of her in-laws have gotten engaged and married. Now she feels like she’s never gonna have her moment.

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“SIL getting married the weekend before ours unexpectedly. We have been engaged since last year and our wedding has been planned for May 21st this year for a long while,” she explained. “We have been dating for a little over 4.5 years total right now. Keep in mind everything I’m going to share has happened after we got engaged. My SIL-to-be got engaged and then married in October, three months after the engagement.”

“This wasn’t surprising as they had been together for 4 years already. My MIL-to-be then got engaged really suddenly to a guy she hasn’t been with long and then they got married right away in January. Then my other SIL-to-be gets engaged to a guy in the military.. and they planned for a wedding in July. She just told us they will be getting married the weekend before our wedding.”

The Reddit poster felt like her in-laws were constantly stealing her thunder.

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“I feel irritated,” she wrote. “My fiancé told her directly he doesn’t feel great about it and asked why they can’t wait until later. They are only 19 after all & this whole wedding is rushed. There are other details such as they don’t have housing and plan on living with their parents after & they don’t have jobs.”

“I can’t help but feel jealous that everyone is getting engaged and married before we are. It was our choice to wait and do everything perfectly, so I can’t be too upset. It’s just that every time I bring up my wedding and get excited for planning with the girls, someone ends up getting engaged and then the entire family is focused on that person getting married sooner than us.”

Redditors were sympathetic to her feelings.

“A beautiful ceremony and reception take time and dedication to plan. Maybe yours will blow all of theirs out of the water,” a person wrote.

“It’s natural to feel jealous. But I know your wedding is gonna be an amazing day, worth the wait,” another said.

“Don’t compare yourself or your situation to others. It doesn’t matter when other people choose to get married,” another commented.

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