Eagle-eyed 'Bridgerton' fans spot glaring error in opening scene: 'Oh dear'

Some of the things that appear in the show's opening scene didn't exist in the 19th century.

Eagled-eyed Bridgerton fans have spotted an overlooked detail in the series’ first episode that doesn’t make sense given the show’s 19th century setting.

The first episode of the Shonda Rhimes series introduces us to Julia Quinn’s Regency-era England circa 1813. During the opening scene of the show, horse-drawn carriages take the main characters down a cobblestone road — but while cobblestone roads and carriages were common in the 1800s, this particular road featured a yellow traffic line.

According to Travel + Leisure, yellow lines weren’t used on roads until the 1950s. Even white lines only date back to the 1910s, so it doesn’t make sense for any sort of markings to appear in a show that takes place in the 1800s.

On Jan. 24, Twitter user @fakehistoryhunt pointed this out. “I’ve worked on a few films/TV shows as historical consultant and art department,” they said. “I remember our lot painting over modern white lines on a street or covering the whole street with earth.”

Once @fakehistoryhunt pointed out the yellow line, several other Twitter users came forward with their own observations.

One user, for instance, claimed that the series features modern-day doorbells and “down pipes on the front of buildings, which would not have been there.”

Another person added that the seedless grapes the characters eat “wouldn’t have been around in the 1800s.”

As one fan aptly put it, though: “So what? It was a great show.”

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